Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year! Yesterday Kathy and I sewed from 7 AM to 10:30 PM (shared one machine, cutting surface and iron) and each completed Ann's NYE Mystery Quilt 2007. She does a great job with these quilts. Very exciting too because Ann says "final tally was just less than 200 that started sewing with me today from 10 countries and 44 states... and lots more will be working on it tomorrow we have several countries represented... US, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Austria, Ireland and many states... MN, IA, NH, NY, CA, VA, AL, FL, NM, KY, NJ, IN, MO, IL, OR, LA, MI, NC, NV, GA, ID, CO, WI, AZ, WA, TN, NE, TX, MA, PA, OH, OK, CT, WV, SD, SC, MD, AR, MS, AK, KS, WY, ME, DE" so we were in good company sewing yesterday! My quilt has the green, brown and black, and Kathy's has the blues--she plans to give that one to her brother Rick and we will give the other to her sister. They both live in Mass. and I just met them at Thanksgiving. We still need to add borders and decide on the binding and situate the back before we pass them off to Jennifer Bauer for quilting, but overall we are happy with them.

Only real trouble we had was with clue 3. It said to be sure certain fabrics were touching and I did that but didn't quite match the picture, and wound up with all but ONE backwards...and the worst of it was I sewed all the fabric from the strips so I couldn't even just use the leftover to fix things, but had to unsew (or frog stitch as one of my groups calls it) for what seemed like forever! I may be able to incorporate those backwards blocks into the border or back or some other project though.

Randy came over last night and made the margaritas. That was great except Kathy put one of her hearts in sideways! We decided to leave it since it makes her quilt unique and doesn't look bad anyways. We will never forget our day and night of sewing! When we finally got down sewing we played some Euceure with Randy (not sure how you spell that card game) and watched the ball drop. Happy New Year!

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