Monday, January 28, 2008

Learning to Mosaic and Other Things

Well Kathy and I went over to Randy's last Saturday to learn how to mosaic and to use up some of his stained glass scraps. Here are the supplies above and below.

Next, Randy drew a few sunflower looking things on our pot (we got it from Kathy's sister in AZ for Christmas with a flower in it) and we got started.
Here is the first flower...

and the second flower on the other side...I like this one better, we got the glass more petal like!
Next Kathy thought we needed green grass and blue sky and I thought it needed a little red punch, so we added that. I had glue all over my fingers by this time which drove me nuts.

Then we let it dry overnight and went to the casino...where I donated my usual to the local Indians and had a good time! The next day Randy came over to do laundry and Kathy put the white stuf all over the pot and we let it dry some more. I then shined her up and she looks pretty good for my first project!

We also worked on the house. This is the downstairs bathroom with a new shower curtain, mirror(that old outdated thing is gone!), picture (shelf down) and all the kids' junk out. Hannah did a lot of these changes since she was pretty excited to see them done. We still have to do the floor in this bathroom (we have Randy slated to help next Saturday) and we need to regrout the tile in the shower too. I either need to learn to do this or try to find someone to do it. I called my cousin's hubby to see if I could hire him so we will see! This does make the room look much bigger and brighter if you ask me! Oh and I bought a light green soap dispenser too but that was after I took the picture.

In the upstairs bathroom we painted the cabinet, replaced the sink with faux granite which I love, took down the shelf and lowered the picture..actually switched the pictures since there was more space over the toilet without the towel bar there. We touched up the wall paint after patching the holes from the towel bar and such. We still need to take out the shower doors, regrout the floor and shower tile and hang our new shower curtain. It is looking better though!

Today Kathy replaced our front screen door. It finally warmed up enough for her to it but the snow was melting fast and furious off the roof and she was soaking wet by the time she was done! It looks good though...that has needed doing for a long time. Since before I bought the house!

Mac helped take down the valances and drape rods and hardware in all three of the bedrooms to open up the rooms more to sunlight and the view. It looks kind of bare to me that way, but I am a valance person. We washed all of them and packed them up for future use on a window or back in my fabric stash for recycling.

I haven't had a chance to do any sewing, but I bought a few magazines I didn't need and paged through them several times dreaming of quilts and time to sew. I watched a Fons and Porter show on Nouveaux Borgello quilting and Kathy and I decided that would be a great wallhanging quilt for my future sewing studio. I started searching online for a pattern but there wasn't much available. I went through every book and magazine I had and didn't find one either! The Fons and Porter show said it was in their Easy Quilts magazine so I hit Wal-Mart and bought the next issue (they didn't have the right one) and another one I didn't need! I looked online on ebay and such to find the older copy but nothing. It figures the one I don't have has a pattern. UGH! Then oddly enough one of my online groups (Quiltville Mysteries) decided that for Superbowl Sunday we should do a scrappy Bargello quilt! I don't think I will do that one, but Bonnie (list owner I think) has a free pattern for it online and now a whole group of people who will be sewing away this Sunday! So while nosing around for a pattern for a regular Bargello I discovered that Quilt University is having an online class starting this Saturday called Bargello Seasons! Kathy talked me into taking it because she knew I just needed something fun related to quilting. I signed up for the class and am excited to make a Bargello for each season and to learn some new stuff. I am definitely sewing this weekend!

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