Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another UFO Completed!

Quilt # 54 Another Puzzle Quilt

Tonight Kathy and I tied this quilt and I sewed the label on the back so it is officially done. Not sure who will wind up with this one--I have a pregnant cousin though so it may go to her. This one matches Ayla's quilt we made a year or so ago. This one was actually cut at the same time (Ayla got hers for Christmas last year!) with only one different block but is a quilt that I would recommend having a quilt wall to do. I sew in my kitchen at the moment and with the first one I put up a cardboard wall with fleece on it, but the dogs would bump it and pieces would fall off constantly. With the second one I followed the picture of the first one so it was a little easier to put together. It has to go a specific way for the pieces to line up but other than that it isn't too hard and is a cute quilt when it is done!

I also have our Dissappearing Nine Patch tiny quilt all pinned up for pillowcase sewing but put the machine away so it will have to wait. It is in the negatives temperature wise right now so I have been covered up by my Arizona quilt most of the night. BRR!

Tomorrow we have Randy coming over and we will have our own little Packer Party while we watch the game (and for Kathy we will have a Patriot party before that). I have Burgendy Beef in the crock pot which is so simple and already smells good. We also made taco dip and got chips. I think we are set. GO PACK GO!

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Rebekah said...

cute quilt! It reminds me a lot of the zipper quilt from Modern Quilt Workshop