Saturday, January 5, 2008

Making Progress on Another Quilt

I spent about six hours yesterday (and two today) working on a mystery that I didn't participate in awhile back. I think I might not have been with the group at the time they did it. It was created by Dorothy Young and is called "Burgoyne's Stars" I saw the finished quilts in the photo album and knew I needed to do one with a different color in each block using up some of my quilt leftovers. I think this one will go to my sister Tina in AZ. She used to have an Irish Chain quilt I made (way back before I knew what I was doing) that fell apart on me so I passed it on to her. She can't find it and always talks about how she wishes she could find it. So I am hoping she will like this one since it will be similar when it is done. Here are the three completed blocks I have so far--the rest of the blocks are about half together...they are huge blocks!
Mac (my 15 year old son) went skiing with the church group and Randy and I went to help my aunt and uncle move across town. Wore me out and killed my back even though I tried hard not to lift too much. Came home all excited to quilt, but my get up and go went fast so I think I may save the next six blocks for tomorrow...usually when I get closer to the end I can't stop, but I am ready to head to bed with a book (and it is only 10 my time hahahaha!)

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