Monday, January 21, 2008

Sad Packer Day

So yesterday was a rough day at our house. Our resident Patriot fan is happy, but all the rest of us Packer fans were very dissapointed. Will be a long wait til next season, and I hope that isn't the last play I will ever see Favre do. So we ate Burgendy Hot Beefs and Packer cupcakes that had yummy frosting and since it was sooo cold (even in the house) we all were wrapped up in various quilts all the afternoon and evening long. The picture below is dog #4 all comfortable on a quilt.
I didn't do any more sewing, but I did read a ton of the Popser stories (all about his wife's quilting) that Kathy and Mackenzie (teen in the quilt above) printed and hole punched and gave me for Christmas a year ago. I finally made a dent in them. So far my favorite of Popser's stories is the one about "A Quilt Called Simple" since it inspired me to make one. Here is the link if you want to read it. This is Popser's wife's quilt. I love it!
The one below is my version of this quilt top. It is all done and lives in Norway! I made it for Randy's daughter Rachel several years ago. The colorful fabric is dogs and cats which she asked for in her quilt. She has about outgrown this one and now I have an Outside the Box Modern Quilt in the works for her. I am still looking for 4 yards of just the right brown fabric and then I can get going on her quilt.

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