Sunday, December 30, 2007

and the rest of the day...

Spent the day finishing up some quilt projects. I hand sewed the binding on the Arizona Dreams quilt and got a label on the back (I love you hand). Kathy tied up the I Spy quilt so that is all done too. Label is on it, but needs to be sewn to it yet. I also put a label on the Quilter's Puzzle quilt we made awhile back. I still need to open it up and try to get the edging straighter and resew it closed, then tie it. I am just not quite happy with the way it turned out. Have had it sitting aroudn to fix for awhile. I also updated my handwritten quilt journal.

In the mail yesterday I got some Flea Market Fancy squares to add to the small collection I already had...they are different sizes and the larger ones are the pink version, so I am not sure what I will be doing with them yet, but I love the fabric!

Also in the mail I got "Curve of Pursuit" which is a knitting pattern. I can barely mom has tried to teach me several times, and my grandmother tried this summer. I finally bought a video and that helped tons too. I made a partial scarf before putting it all aside. SO I will need lots of help if I am to make Curve of Pursuit, but if nothing else I am going to try to adapt it to a quilt which seems doable and really modern looking!

Kathy and I crazily put a bid on ebay for a Denyse Schmidt quilt we didn't need but the price was great and what a cool thing to own so...we won it. Should be here in a few days!

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