Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to the Modern Diary Blog

I love the idea of keeping a diary like I did in my youth so here I am. Not sure that anyone but me will actually read it, but you never know one day someone could be studying the modern diaries of the past and I could wind up in someone's
When I was in high school I had (still have it) a few notebooks that got passed around my group and different people would write in (it was titled "Days of Eau Claire" after the soap and the town name) and it was really fun to have an interactive type journal. I stopped keeping it in my twenties when I got too busy with the kids and moving with the military. Six or so years ago I started keeping a book journal (which is just about full now) since I am an avid reader. Then a few years ago I started a quilt journal to document all the quilts I had made. I really enjoy getting a picture and description and details of the patterns and circumstances of the quilts I make. It is really fun to page back through the quilts and review my progress and such. Quilting is a huge part of my life--I have become obsessed with planning the next quilt, and dreaming about quilts I may never make and a quilt studio I long to have!
I am a nationally certified sign language interpreter and I also teach American Sign Language and the semester just ended. I love sign and language in general since interpreting rarely if ever gets boring. I travel all over and interpret for a wide variety of Deaf people.
I have a girlfriend, three children, four dogs and two cats in my life. They all keep me quite busy. We are planning to move to Arizona in June or July if our house sells and I am looking forward to warmer weather (we live in Wisconsin now) and being closer to my family there.

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