Sunday, December 30, 2007

Picture Sorting Day

I spent a few hours yesterday sorting through all the pictures I have and organizing them by child for future scrapbooks I plan to make for each of their graduations. Coleman's is done (one more page I want to add) and Hannah's needs to get started since she graduates this year! Have a few more years before Mac's has to get done. I sent a ton of pictures to Doug (the ex) so that I won't have to move them to AZ this summer. Was great to get through them! I will have to take some pictures and put them on here of CJ's and then Hannah's when I get going with it. That will motivate me to get going on it!
Another project that we did the other day is we took all my old Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazines and marked off any possible projects we might want to do in the future...then we scanned and saved them in the computer and to disc and we are getting rid of the old magazines. One less thing to move!
Well off to watch the packers and maybe start hand sewing the binding on my Arizona Dreams quilt.

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