Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sewing :)

 For my Christmas all year long challenge I sewed a set of Christmas Tree napkins today.  Not sure who will wind up with them, but glad to have one more gift made and stashed away.  I also made more cheddar bow ties.
 Then just for fun I whipped up a few blocks of Anita's Arrowhead.  I have to say I am absolutely smitten with the ease of making this things that look more complicated than they are.
 This is going to be a gorgeous Christmas quilt and not sure I am going to be able to part with it, lol!

 Still have more pinned and ready to go, but the sewn and waiting to be cut stack is growing.  I am listening to this audiobook Randy gave me.
 Also made it outside to take pictures of Leap Year.  I have extra blocks and am not sure that I will add them to this top or make their own little top.


Shannon said...

I love the way your Schnibbles turned out. It is so pretty!!

Sisbabestitches said...

I love these napkins they are so effective, I must have a go at them, er, sometime, lol