Friday, June 29, 2012

A Finish and Two Continues!

 Picked out, made and attached the binding on my Bibelot Schnibbles!  Nice to have it finished, it has been sitting here waiting its turn for a few weeks now.  I think I may have more projects in progress than ever before and it is a little overwhelming to me!  I feel all behind though I don't have any deadlines except those I impose on myself.  Weird.  I did look over my Bargello Seasons quilt and ya that is one UFO top that is just not happening this month.  I just don't want to take it all apart and I am not in need of it right now anyways, so back to the drawer it goes!
 I made more progress on the Anita's Arrowhead blocks.  Twelve done and forty-two to go.  Love it so far! I also made lots more little bow ties and three more blocks..I think I need two more to get another row on this quilt.  That might be all I have time for before the year is up, but no reason I can't keep on with it til it is the size I want I guess!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Way to check off your Bibelot Schnibble!
Progress is always fun to watch and read about :)

Heather Bailey said...

I enjoyed meeting you today at Jona's. I loved the string piecing you did on your Greenbay quilt.

Shannon said...

Great progress!! Sometimes the only thing that we can do with some of the things we are working on is to put them away for a while.