Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leap Year Schnibbles in Mary Engelbreit's The Caroler

 But first Bug wanted to show you that I added another row to the Cheddar Challenge.  First I had to unpick two doubles (I am trying really hard not to make doubles but sometimes I get a scrap and cut one that I cut four months ago and don't recall!  Luckily Kathy helped me find two before they made it into the quilt.  I am sure there will be some that make it in, but I am trying!) make two more bows and reinsert them into two different blocks to add the row.
 I used a honey bun of Christmassy fabric that I have had for quite awhile to make this Leap Year Schnibbles.  I like it and it is likely to turn into a baby quilt.  With the brights it doesn't really look too holiday ish.  I might add another darker colored border to the outside, not sure.  My daughter called tonight while I was sewing it and we had a nice long conversation.  She reported that she spent the weekend back home (in Eau Claire) and one day with her brother, Mac.  He took her to lunch and a movie!  He paid!  WOW!  We were both impressed.  He is all grown up now, smile.
Leap Year in the Caroler by Mary Engelbreit


Béa said...

Great idea to use a honey bun ! Beautiful result.

soscrappy said...

So many little bowties. They are looking so happy together. Great litte postage stamp blocks too. You are on a roll lately.