Friday, June 29, 2012

Anita's Arrowhead, Some Shopping and Cute Toes!

 Despite my best efforts to not shop since I replenished my stash (and then some) I saw a sale online for charms that I had to check out...that led to even buying a non sale set (or two) of charms.  I always get two because that is what I need to make a schnibble.  So I justified this purchase because I really only have a few sets left to pick from when I do a schnibble each month.  Also, I am not even crazy for the southwestern looking sets I bought, but figure my mom and sister will fight over anything I make with it so I picked that line.
 I worked all week  and went to a workshop for four hours after work today and was quite excited to get home and finally pick up this Anita's Arrowhead block from where I left off forever ago.  I managed to get a total of six full blocks done and I did the part one sewing for all the blocks so they will go together faster tomorrow.

 I wasn't really planning to move this quilt to the head of the line, but I just really like it!  I think I can get it done and quilted for a nice Christmas gift for someone.  I sure hope I can part with it, I already have a Christmas quilt!  Hannah's Christmas tree skirt is made from this line (mine too though still not done) so a matching Christmas quilt would be nice for her...she is getting quite a quilt collection but she doesn't seem to mind.
Last night Kathy and I got our toes done, had sushi and went to Deaf Coffee Chat.  It was fun, I got purple and she got an electric blue type color which looks good too.  So relaxing and a must for sandal weather which is dang near all year around here in Arizona!

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