Monday, June 4, 2012

Bibelot Schnibbles....

I have to admit this may be my least favorite Schnibbles pattern yet. I was hoping that when I saw it in the fabric I picked I would like it better, but for some reason this one just doesn't appeal to me! I used Moda's Collections for a Cause: Faith for the fabric and did all of the cutting Wednesday and Thursday. And there was a lot of cutting. I had to do it myself, lol no help! This one is called Bibelot, and I have no idea why!
Here is the very first block, completed before working a long shift on Thursday. I rather liked it and was hopeful...

So today I made up the blocks. I had to trim them all because my quarter inch well, isn't a quarter inch. I should have just cut the white edges a tad bigger than it called for and called it a day.

I didn't like that I was supposed to randomly lay out the blocks. I am a pattern follower and I didn't want to try to copy Carrie's random layout so I really did just throw them together however they went. I was three blocks short and do you see how I solved that problem? Yep threw in some charm squares and just kept sewing. Apparently I can't count!
I do like how the border added to it and I will say that the measurements for that fit exactly, go figure! I have no idea who this quilt is for or what I will do with it beyond shoving it in a drawer to await some idea.
I have loved every Schnibbles I have ever made so it is okay that I am not nuts for this one. I am really trying to honor my commitment to myself to make the Schnibbles each month so I went ahead and did it. I am sure it will find a home. And Carrie if you are reading this..I LOVE all the other Schnibbles! How about you...tell me if you like this pattern or not and why. I am dying to know why it just doesn't do anything for me!
Now to try to find a Christmas gift I want to make for my other commitment!


Shannon said...

I agree. I did not like this pattern. I think for me it was those little strips of white added to make each block slightly bigger. I just don't like that. Your quilt looks great!!

SewCalGal said...

Andee, you have such beautiful Schnibbles. I had fun viewing them all.