Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arizona Huggy Bunch and Cal's Spring Mystery

 This post is picture heavy.  Here is the Arizona Huggy Bunch in action.  June did some hand sewing on her hexies.  And the rest of us sewed away.  Four of us were working on Cal's Spring 2012 Mystery.

 Here are mine and Kathy's first blocks.
 Mine with the pinwheel layout that I didn't wind up going with.  I thought it was too busy.

 Here is the layout I went with (below).

 These are BJ's layout choices.  She went with the pinwheels below.  We liked her fabric in that layout but Ros, Kathy and I all went with the other layout.
 These are Ros' layout choices.

 Samantha finished her first quilt ever!  She started sewing with us three weeks ago and is now up to quilting it.

 Here is mine coming together.  This will be for my cousin Ashley who is getting married this fall.
 Finally snapped a picture of Ros' block.  Ros helped me tons with my new featherweight (more on that later) which I had never sewed on.  I then switched to her featherweight...or was going to, but the switch was acting up on the light so I wound up sewing on her Pfaff (THANKS ROS!) which is an awesome machine.  Ros was also helping Samantha with every step of the way and so didn't get so far on her mystery as we did, but she will get it done in no time.  She is a fabulous host of our huggy bunch!
 Alissa showed us some blocks she had made.  She does beautiful work.
 Here is Alissa working on her paper pieced mixer block.  Now we all want to make one!
 She has to add the mixing bowl, but doesn't that look great?
 Kathy was the first one done, that has never happened before, so I told her that she has graduated from quilting school, lol.
 Here is Kathy's finished quilt top!  She is going to give this to her dad for a lap quilt.  He is Irish and the fabric is all about shamrocks and such so he will love it!

 And here is mine for my cousin Ashley and soon to be hubby Ches.  I hope they love it!


Roslyn said...

I borrowed a couple of pics thx!
Had a great day, I will sew it together when I decide on a setting.

scraphappy said...

What a great sewing day. So glad you got to spend time with friends and make a great quilt at the same time.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

FUN WITH FRIENDS! I love all the pictures, fabrics and variety of layouts.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

And a WOOHOO to Kathy for graduating Quilting School!!!