Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday Night Sewing!

Not sure how my baby boy is turning 19 today, but he is! Happy Birthday Mackenzie!
I got completely lucky and didn't have to work last night (but as a freelancer, got paid!) so I came home and did some sewing. After looking around the net for a good boy idea I wound up sewing this tic tac toe board for Randy's nephew. Randy's transmission went out and money is TIGHT for him so I dug into my stash and made his four granddaughters doll carriers but the one grandson needed something. This is more Christmassy than boyish, but hopefully he will like it. We just need to find some large x's and o's or make some.

I also finally sewed Hannah's little Broken Crockery wallhanging blocks together. I have been looking at them on the design wall for ever and ever...and picking them us as they fall off forever and ever! I attempted to put the darkest fabrics in an X shape to add some interest too.
I think next it will get a solid purple border and then it may be done or it may get these green blocks added to it, but I am not nuts for the green blocks like I have laid out below.
And I finally sewed together Bonnie's Auntie's Anvil blocks. I only made six, but with a border it will be good size for my little wallhanging spot.
I have about 80 of the hourglass blocks together for Orca Bay. Since today is Thankgiving and the Packers are on then we have to head to Sulis' house I don't think much sewing will happen today...tomorrow I plan to start the next clue no matter where I am on clue one! Can't wait!

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Candace said...

Looks like you made the best of your bonus sewing time. We have a Mackenzie in our family too, you don't see it that often. Happy Birthday to yours.