Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally a Day of Sewing at Ros' Place!

After work this morning DJ and I toodled on north to Ros' place and sewed away for a few hours before heading to my folks' place for dinner. Ros let me borrow her Pfaff (and I mean she let me take it home with me, Lord bless her!) so I can actually sew again. My machine hasn't even been looked at at the I am not too happy about that but now that I have a machine to use for a bit I can breathe anyway! So I took a few pictures (but after Alyssa left so I didn't get any of her doing her needlework) so here is BJ. She did a good deed today and sewed up a bedcovering for a friend in need. It turned out really nicely and I didn't snap a picture! You cna see a bit of it near her machine though. Ros was working on a binding here.

DJ was working on cutting and laying out the Crown is one heck of an undertaking and my sister is going to be overjoyed to get it.

Ros did some show and tell. I LOVE this quilt, the pattern and the colors so Ros shared her pattern. I hope to find time to make it one of these days. I forget the name of it but something about 5 yards of fabric..

This is Olivia piggy. It was really cute too!

Ah here is a not all sewn, but at least set up block for the Crown quilt. It took all four of us, in the end, to figure out how all this went. I have a pattern but am adding the Crown stuff to it so it is hard to match the colors and make any kind of sense of it. The gal online who made one of these...her picture came in handy (and I am ever more inspired that she managed to put a big one of these together without a picture!). Anyway this picture is to help us get the layout right from here on out!

What did I work on you may be asking yourself...well I finally got around to sewing my brother's surgical cap in PACKER fabric (GO PACK GO!) and DJ modeled it for me. It wasn't as hard as I expected it to be so I may have to make a few more!

For a good bit of the time I was at Ros' I worked on Hannah's Christmas tree skirt from Moda Bake Shop. It is called "Fruitcake Under the Tree" and since I have some issue with following directions I mixed up the colors more than the pattern called for (was supposed to be hourclass type blocks with a light and a dark) This way look scrappier and I like it, but I like their version too. This is as far as it had come together when I had to leave Ros' place. We headed up to New River and had dinner with my mom and (step) dad. He cooked steak on the grill and we watched a movie, gabbed and I knitted. It was really nice! Then we came home and...

happily sewed the rest of this skirt together! I hope Hannah likes to get it quilted, smile.

Tomorrow Christine (co-worker and friend) is coming over again and we are working on CEU's for our national certification. I have a few more to get and will be done with them for this cycle tomorrow! It is a Math workshop because Christine and I are thinking about putting together and presenting a Math sign workshop in our area. It is desperately needed...Math isn't my strong suit, but signing is so we are doing our research and getting ready. Sometimes I think my plate is overheaping not just onto the table, but onto the floor. SMILE!

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