Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Bit of Sewing Today

I added a green border to the other Lil' Twister quilt and took a side by side picture for Shannon and anyone else wondering how much size you lose when going from the squares to the lil' twists. I didn't measure yet, but it really is a decent amount. There are about 2 inch size squares left over which can be re-purposed too so it isn't all waste. The look is worth it I think!
Here you can also see the size difference.
I decided to help myself keep it all straight by sewing the Eleanor Burns way..I left the attaching stitches on while I sewed. Worked really well for keeping this straight...took this pic and then noticed one block was sewn wrong (off the wall then added to this) so I fixed it before I got to sewing the rows. See it third block on the bottom left...ooops!
I did work on Orca Bay though just a little bit. I spent too much of the day watching the Packer game (10 and 0!) and grocery shopping. Also did a bit of cleaning and a long lost friend stopped over unannounced. Not sure where the whole day went! So close to 70 of step one are done. No more cut even...ah tomorrow I will try to do some more.
I am loving this Lil' Twister, I think I am addicted to them! Really lots to look at!


Roslyn said...

They are cute Andee, I may try one some day,LOL.

Candace said...

Your Orca Bay (Baby) is going to be amazing, and I love your Lil' Twister.