Saturday, November 26, 2011

Did I Mention that I am More of a Piecer?

I spent today finishing up my small quilt swap quilt-Lil' Twister. I spent thirty minutes trying to figure out what to quilt (after an hour of web research for ideas) and then I decided to add snowflakes to the center of each twist. I didn't realize how UGLY it was turning out til I had done them all. I didn't like the grey thread I had thought would blend in more and I was only happy with about four of the snowflakes.
So plan two...I cut and pieced up the second one (one is for my partner and one is for me) so that I could have another go at it (meanwhile I have been ripping out those everlasting snowflakes and it might take me all winter, lol).
Coming together.
Same fabrics but a green border on this one. Maybe no one will notice the swap, LOL! I then quilted this one simply (which is all I know how to do) and I actually like how it came out. I just hope it passes muster for my partner. I wish could have done the swirly thing I envisioned for this quilt, but maybe one day.
All bound and waiting for a label...will get it in the mail by the first, YAY! Alright, back to ripping snowflakes :)

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