Monday, November 7, 2011

Sewing with Ros' Machine! (Thanks Ros!)

I had an extremely productive day in all things, laundry, cleaning, cooking, CEU earning, chatting with Christine, watching the Packers go 8-0 (GO PACK GO!), prepping for ASL class and even managed to get in some sewing at the end of the day!

First I quilted a Christmas tablerunner in the ditch...two down, one to go. I need to make the binding and get it on and two more gifts will be ready. Next I whipped up the last row of this Auntie's Anvil Mini Top. I think this is the size it is going to be. It makes me smile and that was the point of it. I haven't even started Bonnie's next mini and the third one just came out too! This one is my favorite, the second one is okay and I like the third one better so may skip right to that for my next fun mini.

Meanwhile, DJ eyed some leftover pieces I had unearthed while cleaning recently and so we decided to turn them into blocks and see if there were enough of them for her Gma Letha's southwest looking quilt. This is about what we have to work with...looks kind of crazy busy to me. Any suggestions on ways to subdue it or to make it larger or should be just go for it? I didn't pick out these fabrics for the last recipient either, so maybe it just isn't my thing. I will be HAPPY to get them out of my quilting studio anyway.

DJ and I were planning on going camping next weekend so I took Saturday off work...the temperatures have finally fallen and we were thinking we might be freezing to death to go camping...suddenly tonight DJ decided she wants to make her sister's three kids a little quilt, and this one for Letha and the tablerunners we are doing for her she thought we should have a mini quilt camp ourselves instead of camping! What a fab idea! My parents' house in Prescott is free all weekend (there isn't much left in it....bedroom set, loveseat, chair, tv, dvd, and pool table, lol!) and my mom said we were welcome to have a getaway weekend up that is the plan. We already started packing up a ton of stuff we can cut and sew up there in between sitting by the fire, going for a few walks and watching some movies. I am really happy to get ahead on my Christmas sewing again....I hope Ros doesn't mind her machine going on another field trip (if I don't have mine back) but I promise to take extra good care of it!


scraphappy said...

I had completely forgotten that Bonnie was going to be doing mini quilts until I saw your post. Love the little Anvils.

Roslyn said...

That's a well traveled Pfaff, Andee, I bought it in Australia 10 years ago and it has been back & forth to CO. countless times! I think it went to TX with me once too!

Roslyn said...

I think the quilt above needs a stop border, maybe the green.

Shannon said...

Those anvil blocks are so cute. I think some light brown sashing inbetween the blocks. Then again around the center. It will give the eye a place to rest. I love the quilt. A mini quilt camp would be so fun!!