Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are my mom and (step) dad with Contessa Many Kisses enjoying Thanksgiving dinner outside at Suli and Diegos' place. He is a chef and here are the FOUR turkeys he made for the 22 people that came to dinner--smoked, buried, oven, and deep fried.

Finished off the border of the this Christmas tablerunner today, yay.
Created a backing a la Bonnie Hunter style with leftover strips and hst's from Carolina Christmas. I also added a scrappy border to the front of Hannah's quilt (this is the back) and forgot to take a picture of it with the regular camera. So little puttering was done. I can't seem to get fired up to continue clue one since I don't think I have the right size triangulations paper printed. I did drag out an old phone book to start on clue two just so I can say I did. It might not happen tonight though because we have plans to watch Water for Elephants! **Edit: got the picture! I think I should have done a one color thin border in one fabric before adding the scrappy border. It needs a bit of an eye rest, but I think this is done anyway. I enjoyed using up those pieces from Carolina Christmas that I had left over!

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