Friday, February 20, 2015

Traditions, Illusions, Eye Spys and More!

 Ros quilted up the Traditions (35th Ave. BOM) quilts for my great aunts.  One for Sally and one for Jean Ann.  They are my beloved Grandma Char's sisters who are still living.  I cannot wait to get these bound and sent off to them in Wisconsin!

 Ros quilted them differently, so here you can see the backs.  Beautiful!

 I finally did another panel on the herringbone and put them all togehter.  I didn't quite get the pattern right--there was wine involved!  Oh well, it is together and will wind up on the couch and the dogs will spend the most time with it!  It was fun to do but not sure I would do another.  The panels stretch and it just was more frustrating than I like!
 I also finally tied this Eye Spy which has been waiting patiently forever!  I got it all bound in leftover dog bone binding (with a titch of polka dots to make it fit) and Rosey and Joe like it!
 Kathy finished her Grand Illusion Clue two tonight!  YAY!  She is really happy to have that in the rear window!

 I met Jill and we went for a hike today.  My knee still not up to snuff, but I NEEDED to get out there.  I brought my stick with me and we did two miles!  Kathy (who has shingles as of Tues. night) stayed home sick.

I managed to lose a pound this week (after a gain of .8 last week) despite barely working out or even walking.  I am at 81.4 I think it is...Kathy lost 6.5 because she was sick this week and her total is about 71. something now.  She will soon get her new bike.  


Marly said...

Beautiful quilts for your great aunts. They're sure to love them.

Deb A said...

So many great projects! Go you on the pound lost... I keep losing and gaining the same pound =(.
So sorry to hear Kathy has shingles. Yikes. Hope it is not on her face like my Mom had. My Mom came down with it when Em was born... and can still feel it almost 6 years later but not nearly as bad. Hope Kathy has a full and quick recovery. Did she get on the medicine quickly? Hugs to you both.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful quilts. Even more wonderful is the weight you are losing. Great job!

Roslyn said...

81.4 woohoo, what do you get for 100?
BTW, love the Glamper block it is adorable.