Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life this Week So Far

 On Sunday Kathy and I went hiking with the Rainbow Rebels.  In front left to right are Casey, Kari, and Trish.  They were all really friendly and fun and we will be hiking with them again!
 Serena is next to me in this picture..she was running late so met us at the halfway point.  We met another gal at breakfast after but I already forgot her name--Shirley maybe?  We did a little over four miles and a little faster than we normally do.

 Tonight was the Nimble Thimbles meeting.  Everyone turned in their blocks and someone won half of them (the others go into a charity quilt).  I did notice that the gal who picked blocks chose mine :)
 One of the gals brought her Happy Scrappy Houses quilt to share..loved it!  I cannot think of her name, but I know it!
My friend Danny from the PHXMQG came to the meeting too and brought her heart quilt.  LOVE this.  She is super talented and very inspiring.  Terri couldn't make the meeting so I was glad Danny kept me company.

Diane P. did the presentation...she talked about what judges look for in a quilts.  It was really interesting, but I think I am even less interested in having a quilt judged--lol.  I just do this for fun!

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