Thursday, February 5, 2015

City Sampler Blockalong and Go Four It 2015!

 Here are last week's Tula Pink City Sampler change when things were not the right size on block 47.

 I redid the hst's in block 48 twice before realizing that the directions were off size wise.  UGH.  Really still needs to be redone, but for now that is it!
 And now I am ahead with this week's blocks!  This one had a size problem too but I figured it out.  Maybe it is just me?  LOL.  Now block 50 I love...used some hst's I had leftover from something else and so they don't all match, but I am happy with it.

 Here are the first fifty blocks so far!  Linking up with Choose Your Own Blockalong!
And I finally dove in and joined Bonnie in the APQ Quiltalong--Go For It 2015!  There are three different four patch pattern in the American Patchwork and Quilting April 2015 issue..Bonnie is making one though a slightly different size than the original..I am guessing she is doing 1.5 inch strips...I have those on hand so I am doing those too.  We shall see how that works for me since I am no Math whiz.
So here is my start..I did some pink and blue parts since those were the Rainbow colors last month and this month...figured I will work these in...the four patches are different colors though so I mixed up some of what I had and set aside others for when I have more colors to mix them with.

 I have 13 little four patches completed (and lots of halfsies waiting).  Are any of you already doing this, or wanting to jump in?  It will be fun.

I am also planning to start on another Orange Crush mystery quilt soon!  Pattern is still available on Quiltville.  I dug out my pattern and even some leftover parts from the two I made it is time to get to picking the fabrics!    On Quiltville's Open Studio on Facebook several of us are getting going on it, so that will make it fun.  

This quilt is the only one I have ever given away that I wished I had kept!  I helped Kathy make one too so this is really number three and I sure hope I am keeping this one!


Scrappy quilter said...

You have definitely been bust. Great job.

Josie McRazie said...

Are you finding errors in the Tula sampler book?? I have 2 of her patterns and they make me angry! I paid a lot of $ for them and they are full of errors!
And I wish you would have done orange crush with me ;0) I just finished mine and am waiting to quilt it till we get back from Mexico!

Michelle said...

I just saw an Orange Crush quilt in person last week at's nothing like I thought it was! Lots of 4 patch scrappy goodness...I don't remember why I didn't do the mystery that year, but since I didn't, I never really paid much attention to it. But wowzers...that needs to go on my bucket list. LOL

Carla said...

Great looking blocks ; )