Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tiny Finishes and GO PACK GO!

 I had a semi relaxing day (been going way too much!) working out, making homemade soup and biscotti and finishing up the quilting and binding on three little quilts.   This first one is Barb's Christmas present.
 I do still have mine to quilt yet.
 I also got this one done from Bread and Butter "Jelly Stars" which has been pieced and waiting for quilting for TWO YEARS!  I really need to just finish up some of these little ones.  I am not great at the quilting and so that is why they get put off.  I did this one kind of free motion wiggly lines...I am pretty happy with it.
 I also quilted and bound Piney Flats.  This is such a fun bright quilt!  Kathy and I did a little high dusting and shook out and rehung some of the little quilts.
The Christmas Past and Presents is hung up in the middle but it is still awaiting quilting (and the other one is still waiting to come together).  It was fun to have three little finishes today though!

Finally made Ros' Christmas Biscotti!  I didn't get to it in time for Christmas so I made it today--I know I should not have because it is delicious.  I didn't spread the loaves out enough--this one spreads more than my usual recipe.

 It is pretty and tastes great too!
So happy the Packers won today--perfect end (or beginning as Amy says) to a great week!  Back to work tomorrow.  One more week and my college job starts back up too.  I am ready to get back to my normal craziness--bring it on!


Scrappy quilter said...

You have been busy. Great job on the quilts.

Vireya said...

Love your tiny quilts up high on the wall. They are a great collection. How do you have them attached? It looks like clippy curtain rings, but are the rings hanging from hooks in the wall?

Julierose said...

Ohhh loving the twisters--all your petite quilts are so cute all hanging up on that wall of quilts... hugs, Julierose