Sunday, January 25, 2015

AZ Blankets 4 Kids Day!

 Today was AZ Blankets for Kids Sew Day.  This time we met really close to the college I work at.  Samantha made this modern looking quilt.  And I made this cute one.
 Later I made this one which was cuter in person.  I messed up on the bottom two rows but they told me to just leave it, it looks  Hard to see too but one of those brownish looking fabrics had tiny purple stuff on it and it was cuter in person.

 Here is Christine (Samantha's mom and my co-worker) with her cute top!
 I did a binding too but decided to go back to piecing next time.  My featherweight isn't the best at the binding...the 99 is so much better but of course that is left at home because it is so heavy!
 I got a kick out of this picture of Samantha and I ironing, lol.
 Here is our whole group.  Barb, Christine, BJ, Limbania, Ann, Samantha and a spot for me.  We had a lot of fun!  You can see Kelli in the background too.  Laura was there for most of the day and a few of the gals from the Grand Illusion mystery kick off too--Karen and another gal I already forgot the name of!
Ann brought me a huge bag of scraps!  I spent a good hour sorting and playing in them after I came home and worked out.
 Here is the string pile I came up with.
 Here are a bunch of strips that went right into the right bin tonight.
 Lots of colorful scraps for the Wild and Goosey and future paper piecing projects.
 Lots of neutrals for same.

 I made my Wild and Goosey block (started it last night) and put some of Ann's fabric in it!
 I also finished up this charity quilt for Nimble Thimbles tonight.  It was a kit, not real tickled with the fabric and such but I did what I could with what they gave me, lol.
 I then did my Nimble Thimbles Block Party block.  They gave us the center fabric and told us to add two fabrics to it and make the block.  Then at the next meeting we will draw and someone will win a set of the blocks.  The block is called Friend's Star and the directions on Quilter's Cache left plenty to be desired.  Suffice it to say I wound up doing my own thing and using the picture more than anything.  That said, the block looks good.  The center fabric is actually purple but this picture shows it pinky/red.  Weird.
 I also got the corners on the eye spy quilt blocks that have been waiting patiently for me to get to them.  I had to cut out more corners and now they are made.  Have to find the pattern (it was around here awhile ago) so I can remember how to lay things out...may have to just find the previous one on the blog.
Off to bed, I have been sewing all day and my shoulders are killing me!  More tomorrow, I am sure!

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Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful quilting projects. I really like the charity projects.