Saturday, April 12, 2014

Purple Passion Saturday!

 I spent much of yesterday and today's sewing time cut PURPLE bricks for my lozenge leader/ender challenge and then sewing some of them.  I am about caught up to the point where I can go back to doing them as leaders and enders!  I now have 167 I believe.
 Many--if not most of these purples are from the fabulous fabric thrift sale I went to a few weeks ago.  A few were mine, but lots and lots of the fabrics in this quilt are going to be from those findings.  Kathy and I watched "Fruitvale Station" last night and some Titanic themed things today.  If you have not seen Fruitvale, it was an excellent movie.  Sadly it is based on a true story but really has a message for us.
 We have also decided we are going to plant a herb garden this year....we ordered the stuff and are still waiting on part of the kit to arrive before we can do the actual planting.  Meanwhile, I have been reading this book and have marked off the pages for the herbs we are going to grow.  I am doing better with remembering to water my succulents too...when summer really gets going here in Arizona, all these things are coming in the house!  I may wind up putting them in the window of the Packer room until I get my dream window in the I will have room for herbs there.
My sewing friend Stella (who was in the PHXMQG but moved away) thought of me when she found this gnome fabric--so she sent it to me.  How sweet is that, it made my day...random acts of kindness rock!
My parents are moving again---hopefully buying a house in Cave Creek (they have a counteroffer to the counteroffer in right now) so tomorrow we are heading up to help them pack again.  Are you counting how often them move?  I went to nineteen schools before graduating high school and then since I was married to a military man I moved tons after that too...the longest I have ever lived anywhere is about five years...this house is about to break the record on the last house I lived in on Lake Wissota which was about five years.  Anyway, since we have been here (five years in June) my parents have moved six times--or is this move seven?  My siblings and I are SO over it but my mom loves to decorate and I swear she thinks it is easier to move than to Spring clean--especially when we help her!
Oh, lost 1.6 pounds this week--so I am just over 20.  Kathy lost 6.2!  Her total is around 19...whoot whoot!  Still getting in my exercise daily!


Maureen Heywood said...

What a great idea for a scrap quilt - losing seems ideal.

Sheila said...

This is going to be a great scrap quilt.
What gnome cute fabric!

Quilter Kathy said...

I just love your lozenges... I might have to start one myself?!?

Cathy said...

Oh, those lozenges are fun, aren't they? I'm making the smaller size (strips 2.5x5) and I figure I need about 720 of them to make a big quilt!

Good luck with the herb garden. I have one plus grow herbs on the deck. Can't wait for some homegrown tomatoes and basil!

Kevin the Quilter said...

You are going to love having an herb garden! Mine is just outside my kitchen, and is super handy when cooking in the summer! The gnome fabric is too cool!