Saturday, April 26, 2014

Arizona Blankets for Kids--Quilting for Charity!

 Kathy is all locked and loaded with her ipod for our charity sew day!

 Samantha is already sewing away before I have even set up my machine!

 A room full of fellow quilters working hard!

 The picture below is Christine's very first quilt!


 Here is my first of the day.  Nemo!

 Kathy's first one!
 My second one.  So cheerful, I hope the little one loves it!
 Samantha is done with her quilt!  So beautiful, I really loved the plaid in this one.  I also love Samantha's self satisfied smile!

 Kathy finished another one.
 My third one.  It has Thanksgiving themed fabric.  I guess these three tops count as my NewFO's for April!  The best part being someone else gets to finish them up!  Linking up here!

 Christine's number two...really cute little lambs on it.

 I have not yet met this guy, but he is a quilting dynamo!  I am not sure how many quilts he quilts in a day, but both days we have gone he has been doing them by the stack.  Here is quilting the one I made last meeting!  He is fast!

 I did manage to finish up my purple leaders and enders while I was there, they came in handy as actual leaders and enders!


Roslyn said...

Wow now that's some productivity. I am really proud of Kathy, she has turned into a quilter, woohoo!
Love your "purple heaven" Andee, I never thought of using anything but the blue-I am so very partial to blue!

Quilting Babcia said...

That is one great production line - and so many little ones will love their new quilts.

Mary said...

That is great fun to have a SEW-in to make the Kids Quilts. They really do work up fast.

Donna said...

Looks like the quilters had lots of fun being productive. Love the quilts for the children.

Barbara said...

Oh what fun! Looks like everybody was having a good time.