Thursday, April 10, 2014

Antiquing for some Steps!

Stopped in at 35th Ave. to pick up our blocks on Saturday and someone shared their flimsy of another quilt...too cute in purple!

After that Kathy and I decided to go to the Antique store to get in some steps for our fitbits in a fun way.  I have not been to this place in over a year so it was fun to check out all the quilts and machines the way Bonnie always does!

I loved this fan quilt.  Nothing I would ever try to make mind you!
Stacks of quilts!
This machine is really similar to the one I have at home. 
Another pretty quilt I would not attempt!  And another cool machine!

Thought this donkey qiult was pretty cool!
A not as old singer in a cabinet.

Loved both of these quilt.  Hexies and bubble gum pink, what is not to love! 


Vireya said...

Lovely to see these old quilts. I love checking out antique places, too, but I've never seen a quilt in one here in Australia. Lots of old machines, though, usually with ridiculous prices on them.

Kevin the Quilter said...

One of my most favorite ways to pass time! Great photos of some goodies!

Alycia said...

The Donkey!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing your trip!

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