Tuesday, April 8, 2014

35th Ave. BOM for April and Satin....

Sunday I whipped up the 35th Ave. BOM for April.  It was the same block but different colors that we have for March and it went together pretty well.
I also added satin to my brother's old baby blanket for his son Ben.  I did not do a great job on it, but as long as it is soft, he will be happy.  I hope they don't ask me to do the other blanket, because I didn't care for it at all!  I tried two different methods neither with much visual luck, lol, but it is on the blanket and it is done!

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Sheila said...

Looks fine to me. I've tried to sew satin a few times and it crawls away from the sewing machine needle. Can't sew it successfully.