Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Purple Heaven and an Ipod Case!

 I added a few more rows to My Blue/Purple Heaven!  I also finished the rest of the star blocks!  They still need pressing and trimming and to be put into rows and added, but I imagine I can get that done this week!
Kathy and I decided to try making ourselves an ipod case tonight too.  I found one I really liked on etsy, but I didn't want to spend 23 dollars on it when I knew I could make one.  So I searched the web and found a cool blog at Dog Named Banjo with a free tutorial.  She had lots of great pictures so even I could follow along.  Her ipod is a titch smaller than mine so I should have made it a little bigger, but didn't realize til it was too late.  I may make another later on bigger, but for now I am happy to have a case for free!

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Roslyn said...

I need a new iPod case, mine is worn out, but I must put a string on it to go around my neck. Sometimes I am at the gym with no pockets!