Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Playing Around on the Blog!

Sew at Home Mummy is doing a beautify your blog series and look what I was able to make here at work between calls!  My very first picture with print on it!  LOL, cannot wait to get home and actually follow her directions and make myself a new header and such.  So happy that some folks are good at things like this and teach the rest of us!
In other news, I did not sew diddly squitsky last weekend (not sure if you noticed the lack of posting!) but I did read a book (The Red Queen) cover to cover and got in plenty of exercise!  I did do some handstitching on my second elephant but that was about all that was crafty that happened.  I am hoping to be more in the mood this weekend!  

1 comment:

Kevin the Quilter said...

Cool! Just what I need.....a tech class to help me learn some more stuff on here!