Monday, April 18, 2011

Progress on My Hexies :)

I promised a photo of my handsewn hexies so here it is! I haven't decided for sure but I think I will keep going and make it bigger...there is a cool hexie bag project in Stitch magazine I am tempted to try to make so I could look into the size for that...decisions, decisons. I was too busy with Pride weekend to even sew my BOM...and of course I work like crazy the next two days but might get a chance to do something with it on Wednesday, keeping my fingers crossed for that. Happy five months to DJ and I. We celebrated by stopping at the Spaghetti Factory for dinner after Pride tonight. Rode the light rail both days and it is on the way, so that was nice. It is a long time favorite restaurant of mine and her second time being there. We were the only people in the place 45 minutes before closing, so that was nice! Well, better get to bed, I work bright and early tomorrow!

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