Sunday, April 17, 2011

And Another Purchase...

It is Pride weekend here in Phoenix so my face is currently sunburned. Here we are enjoying the parade early in the day yesterday. Friday DJ was sweet enough to run to JoAnn's while I was working to use two more of my coupons and get me two yards each of two other fabrics from the Denyse Schmidt line. She had to go to FOUR stores to find it, but she was determined. Good thing we have JoAnn's aplenty here. Anyway, these are the two that I wound up with. I am a happy girl.
I have been suddenly remotivated to work on my hand sewn hexie project too! Really for two reasons..the first of which is I got this fabric and that is done also in Denyse Schmidt fabric so it made me want to play with it. And second because one of my online groups is apparently doing a hexie challenge which I have been missing out on! It is a bit late for me to join in (behind in my mail) but it was fun to see all of their hexie progress and to dig mine out and start sewing. So I added about five hexies yesterday :) I even dragged it all with me to Pride but didn't wind up sewing there after all. Maybe today? I will get a picture of it soon, it needs a good press first!

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