Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carolina Crossroads is Half Together

This morning DJ and I ran out and bought yet another plant for my favorite pot (everything dies in the heat because no one-ahem-manages to water it enough) and she planted me this pretty hibiscus. We moved it to the front yard in the hopes that we will remember to water it there. If someone steals my pot I will not be happy though!

Next we worked on laying out all the CC blocks on the wall. This was DJ's first time doing this and she was a hoot trying to get the blocks to stay on the wall!

Here is what all we could fit looked like all laid out! I think this quilt is going to wind up with my son Mackenzie. He will graduate high school in June and I this quilt should pass his inspection.

Later Kathy came over and did some cutting. She cut my next two Designer BOM's and the cornerstones and sashing for the same quilt so now I have that to be working on! After DJ and I pinnned CC together I worked on sewing the blocks while Kathy was cutting. DJ made homemade salsa and then grilled us a delish lunch.

Here is the first half the quilt all put together! That is as far as I have made it so far. I love it!

I had to take it outside to pose it in the sunlight too. I love it when a long range project comes together.


Sue said...

That first half looks fabulous. You are doing an awesome job. Both Kathy and DJ working on your quilts? What is your secret woman? lol

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

;0) LOVE the pic of DJ. The caption in my mind..."YOU PUT that camera away...right NOW!!!!" :0)

CC looks great in RWB!

Nancy said...

What a treat to have someone cut fabric for you. I'm jealous.