Friday, April 22, 2011

A Postcard Win and DS Picnic and Fairgrounds Purchase

Guess what arrived in the mail for me this week? This fabulous postcard made by Gail, the Cozy Quilter! Check out her blog here.

Here is the back of it. I told her she made my day twice..the day I found out I won and the day it arrived! I have always wanted a fabric postcard and hopefully this will be the first in my collection. Anyone else want to send me one, feel free. I have hers displayed on my bulletin board in my quilting studio. I love the generous nature of quilters.
I added to my DS collection by stopping at JoAnn's again today. I had a 25 percent off coupon and so I bought a half yard of the fabrics I didn't already have (only had three already) though two of them I bought a yard. Not sure that I have them all but I have all that they had!

I borrowed the above picture from ChickenJulie on flickr. She must have spent some time organizing the pictures and getting the names of the fabric with each fabric. Very impressive! I plan to sit and see if I am missing any and if she updates the photo (she said a few were missing) may update it.
I love, love, love these fabrics. Here is my current stack of them. I couldn't be more happy though I have no idea what I will be making with them yet. Well, a quilt....but which quilt!

I am sewing with June tomorrow afternoon, can't wait!

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