Thursday, April 7, 2011

NYE 2010 and Block Express are Quilted!

This is the NYE 2010 Mystery Quilt I did this year with a whole lot of help from DJ (and Kathy did the cutting, then sewed her own top). Ros quilted it with elephants all over...quite fitting to go with the circus theme of the fabric--though there is saggy baggy elephant fabric in there too. I was using what I had at home. We plan to give this one to DJ's sister Samantha who is expecting baby number two in a few months. I haven't seen these in person yet, but looks like rainbow thread on this one, I love it!

Here is the back.

I haven't shown this one to Kathy yet since I was wanting to surprise her. This is Block Express and for some reason Kathy fell in love with the pattern and fabric. It was at a store about 45 minutes from us and we saw it two or three times before I finally just bought it for her. It will look great at her new apartment..she needs more color. She has her firefighter quilt with her and the quilt that used to be on our bed which was tons of work (with the mermaids on the back but the name escapes me) and her roommate nephew has the Sox quilt we made him, but their apartment is still lacking on the quilts!

Here is a close up. As always Ros did a fantastic job.

In dieting news...I haven't done much the last six weeks or so. I am sort of in a slump. Trying not to gain, but for sure not losing. I am up a few pounds and not really happy about that. I have slacked off on the exercise and tend to eat right during the week and go nuts on the weekend. It isn't working for you, gotta change it. Oh how I envy the people who are naturally thin or who have an affinity for exercise. Smile! (Sorry for the screwy formatting, I am on a different computer and it has different defaults or something!)


Roslyn said...

OK Andee you need to get re-motivated on the healthy living-I know you can do it!
The pics of Kathy's quilt didn't show up on your blog?
We are sewing this Saturday at my place...........

Roslyn said...

Ohoh pics just appeared,LOL

Sue said...

The Missus and I are having the same problem with diet/exercise. Maybe we need to start an intercontinental support group!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Both quilts turned out great; and I can see why Kathy liked the Block Express. AWESOME fabrics!!!!

As for the working out slump; ohhh....those are hard. BUT, you're allowed to relax for a few weeks; even the top athletes can't train 24-7-52. My favorite saying from when I started my journey towards a life-long "Body for Life"........"PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!" Take your breather; start small again, and keep your chin up. You'll be back in no time.