Monday, February 25, 2013

Hand Sewing Hexies--and Because Bonnie Said So!

I didn't do much sewing on Sunday...I watched Bonnie on QuiltCam and prepped hexies..some of which were later hand sewn into this growing Hexi quilt.  I am aiming for a lap size quilt at this point...I just looked  back and this one has been in progress since October 2010.  I am not sure why I go gangbusters on it for a bit then put it away and sort of forget about it for a bit.  At the PXHMQG meeting for February Jona gave us some scraps and two of them were Denyse Schmidt fabrics and have worked there way into here since I didn't have those two...they are the heavier fabric not cottons, but I already had a few of those in here anyway and I like them.
Speaking of QuiltCam...Bonnie said that everyone should have a string quilt, a crumb quilt and a hand sewn quilt going.  I have Talkin' Turkey for strings, this hexi quilt for hand that leaves me with a need for a crumb quilt.  I asked Bonnie where to start and she recommended Maverick Stars which is a free pattern on Quiltville. So I think I need to start another project--Bonnie says so!  SMILE.  Anyone else lacking a crumb project who needs to join me?
Maverick Stars picture borrowed from


Heather said...
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Heather said...

I've got several Maverick Stars made that I put together right after BH posted her original tutorial. I also began a ton of crumb blocks with Jo's Country Juction quilt along based on Bonnie's tutorial. I figured if I eventually have enough of both sets of blocks, the stars will become a great border for the crumb block center!

My string project is BHs Wild Child, and I'm a hand quilter, so I always have a hand project going. Currently it's Dazzling Scraps.