Sunday, February 10, 2013

Skillbuilder BOM

 After my unsuccessful attempt at quilting on my Brother I headed to Barb's today and met up with her and Fran for some help.  Barb let me use her Bernina (which I really liked!) and after practicing a bit more, Fran started me off in the middle of the block on Sound Wave and I did the rest.  Overall I am happy with it.  I used variegated thread (two different ones) and it has that Gee's Bend look, lol!
 I did lots of picking out on this block and really struggled with making the stones.  Barb suggested using glittery thread for the peach strip and that part looks kind of cool.  My wavy lines are fun and funky.  Someone helped me a titch with the rest of it, I was done...I don't think free motion is for me...just as applique isn't for me!  Meanwhile I stitched up some Dresden thingys..more my thing!
Pretty sure I am going to make these two blocks into a tote bag to carry to the PHXMQG meetings and I will cross this BOM off my list.  We will see....

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