Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Quilts, Mug Rugs, and OTR, OH MY!

 Jill (from PHXMQG) and I are doing a little side mug rug trade...she let me pick which I preferred and it was tough, but I went with pink since the one I traded with Jacki has purple in it!  I finished up the one from Jacki (she did the paper piecing and I finished the mug rug...I had some of that background purple so I bound it in that!).  This is a sign for I love you for anyone who isn't sure what it means!
 Stopped at Barbs and picked up my baby quilts.  These cowboy quilts have a loopy lasso type quilting on them, really love it!  Here you see the front of one and the back of Sam and Tiff's soon to be born little guy.
 And here is the front of that one and the back of the other one.
 It was fun to use up a bunch of that bandanna fabric and actual bandannas that I have been saving for just such a quilt!  I used leftover bits of it all to bind them.  Here is Colton's (the name Sam and Tiff have decided on this week, lol).
 And this one goes to the cabinet for another little guy, not yet known!
 Kathy finished putting the borders on our Old Tobacco Road too!  We stopped at SAS and found the perfect border for it...looks like ginko leaves and has a few shades of brown.  This quilt is huge and we aren't sure where it will wind up yet, either.

Off to Barb's for a bit.  I tried free motion quilting last night on the Brother with NO luck whatsoever.  I am not sure I had the machine set right and I sure need practice anyways.  Not really sure I am going to get my Skillbuilder BOM's done...and pretty sure this is the only month I am even going to attempt this--lol, quilting by check is my preferred way to go!  Barb is going to let me try her machine, then if I stink at it, we will know it is me and not the machine!  Cross your fingers I can manage something--PHXMQG meets next weekend already!

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