Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fountain Hills :)

 Today my spool parts from Suebee arrived!  I have already sewn up a few.  She included a cute little sewing machine part too.  I have to find something fun to put that in!
 Yesterday Kathy and I met my mom to do the craft show at Fountain Hills.  We made a stop on the way and I found the golden calf.  I sure hope this means my luck is changing and this year will be better than the last year!  We looked like tourists taking our picture..I had to explain to one guy walking by giving us a crazy look that we were from Wisconsin (we love cows, what can we say!).  My daughter Hannah is now collecting those cool little cows and this made me think of her which always makes me smile!
 Here is the fountain in Fountain Hills.  It was a spectacular day to be out and about and the view was so relaxing.  There was great music too!  I bought a few little things and enjoyed walking and walking and walking, til I could walk no more with my mom!
 Today Kathy and I sewed up our 35th Ave. BOM blocks.  This month there are four of them.  Kathy didn't take a picture of hers yet.  These didn't want to all line up like they are supposed to and I wasn't overly thrilled with the, but they don't look too bad from a distance.
Tonight we watch Argo at home and I did a lot of hand sewing on my hexies.  I added a row in both directions.  This has been one heck of a long term project...I remember sewing on it in so many places, the memories...the day we waiting a zillion years for Hannah and Mac to jump from a plane (the weather didn't want to cooperate) I got a lot done on this too!  I am almost out of cut fabric for this, so I will cut some more and keep on keeping on.
I also finally got the label on baby Oliver's quilt and a bag to put it in and baby Colton's too.  :)

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