Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day :)

 Happy Valentine's Day!  Today I finished work early and Kathy and I went out for sushi.  Then we came home and did a little sewing and had a relaxing afternoon!  I sewed up this Betty's Choice block just for the heck of it.  It is Bonnie's most recent scrap block in Quiltmaker.  I am thinking I should make one of each block as the magazines arrive and just collect the blocks til I figure out something to do with them.  Then if I find one I LOVE I can keep on making it (like Jack in the Box).  Kathy always has great success with using black instead of lights so I tried it too...not sure it works for this block, but hey it is one block!
 I also did another QOV for Alycia.  Hoping some of the gals from PHXMQG will do a few too and we will mail them out Tuesday.
 I also sewed my purple pinwheels for the Rainbow BOM :)  I still have spools to go.
 We rehung the BOM's now that we have our purple blocks done too.  We haven't done red yet, since we are only two months in...I seriously can't wait to see this rainbow quilt shape up, it is going to be one of my all time favorites, I know already!
 For Valentine's Day I got Kathy a Red Sox shirt and lunch, and she got me this fabric (I was dying to get lots of greens for the emerald challenge coming up and the Denyse Schmidt's were on clearance as was the!  I picked it out and told her thanks!).  She also hunted me down an african violet.  These were my great gpa Rushman's favorite since his wife (Violet Valentine--so named for her birthday on Valentine's Day) was named Violet.  Just realized I love that name, maybe one of my grandaughter's will be named Violet, lol!  I can still remember all the flowers he grew--he also whittled.  I have an amazing peach pit in a basket shape that he whittled.  Hang on, let me take a picture of that too!
Here is the little basket.  It is one of my cherished possessions.  I think of my Grandma Char's (her dad whittled it) grandkids I am the only one that got one.  Pretty cool!  

I remember this set of great grandparents as two people who really loved each other.  They died a week apart when I was in my teens...they couldn't bear to be apart.  My beloved Grandma Char followed just a few years later.  I hope they are celebrating Gma Vi's birthday up there in heaven tonight!  Happy Valentine's Day All!


Teresa in Music City said...

So much wonderful eye candy in this post Andee! Love the the Grandmother's Choice block, even though my eyes keep wanting to turn those hourglass blocks on the corners so they are symmetrical LOL!!!

I think the black really works well in there. And all your purple blocks are so fun! I agree that your Rainbow Talking Turkey quilt is going to be amazing! A couple of us in our sewing group have decided to get together once a week at each other's houses and make this quilt. I just love that block!

Your grandfather's whittled basket is simply a treasure! You have certainly inherited some of his creative talent :*)

Edith said...

Nice memories and a nice day as well. Your RSC blocks are all very pretty.

Sheila said...

Such pretty blocks, all of them. Lovely fabrics.
Thank you for sharing wonderful family memories.