Monday, January 21, 2013

Working on Mug Rugs :)

I spent some time last night looking over mug rug tutorials and pictures for inspiration on what to do for the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild's Mug Rug Swap for February.  I decided on a rather simple one, but a block I had never made and I used my Denyse Schmidt fabric so hopefully someone else will love hers as much as I do.  I am making for my swap partner, one for me and one for Jennifer who wanted to swap but didn't want to worry about a binded border.  So when it is all said and done, I will have three different mug rugs!


So the tops are done and the backings are made and I will leave the quilting and binding for another day.  These granny squares just make me smile.  I could almost do an entire quilt like this!
Here is Kathy holding up Old Tobacco Road.  She has about half of it together now.  This has truly been a tag team quilt and fun to do!
I hate to see my long weekend come to an end...back to work tomorrow.  I did pretty good getting  back on my be active and eat right train.  I rode my bike all but two nights this week (groin isn't ready for everyday!) and tonight I did some hand weights too.  I am writing my food down on myfitnesspal and am once again trying hard to make a life change that really needs to happen.  Life is good here too!

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