Thursday, January 3, 2013

Backings and Bindings, Oh My!

Last night there was sewing at my house...Kathy and I made backings for our NYE Mysteries for Jonathan and Jordan, for our Christmas Lil' Twister Tree, our Halloween Lil'Twister, the UFO we rescued from the fabric thrift sale that I have since decided to give to my aunt Jenny, and "Lightening's" simple strippie lizard baby quilt and my Picnic (that one had a backing made but will go out with the rest).  Well, the lizard one I plan to quilt myself but the other six will go out for quilting.  Whoot, Whoot. 
We also made several bindings up so they will be ready to go when we get the quilts back.  I am still waiting on some backing I ordered on a smoking deal of a sale from Connecting Threads so that I can back my cheddar bow ties with it (and I got some for both Kathy's Easy Street and mine)..hoping it arrives today so I can do that one too!  Then my que is cleared lol and I can keep on with Easy Street! 
Kathy did a little sewing on her clue 8 Easy Street after all that, but I tidied up the quilting studio, cut leftover bits into strips and strings, etc. 
Working today and tomorrow but finish at 2 tomorrow, so there is hope of getting going on Bonnie's final clue tomorrow afternoon!
Started reading Stephen King's "Under the Dome" last night (1.99 how could I resist for my Nook?) and am really liking it so far.  I haven't read King in FOREVER because it had gotten old...then after listening to "From a Buick 8" which was ok, I was in the mood to see what another one of his newer books was like.  Back in the day I read them all, and Dean Koontz, John Saul, and of course others like V.C. Andrews, Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins, etc.  Now I rarely read any of those kinds of books anymore...majoring in English made me into a book snob!

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