Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend!

 Yesterday Kathy and I met up with BJ and Ros and Jacki and went to 35th Ave for the first BOM meeting.  This is our first time doing this!  The bad picture above is what the quilt will look like after one year.  We paid 10 bucks to join and as long as we finish each block before the time of the next month's meeting we get the supplies for it free.  We did upgrade to the larger size and to using black as the background so we had to buy NINE yards (each) of black fabric, but we had a 50 percent off coupon and so we got our Kona black cheap!  This was our first bolt purchase ever!
 Here is what it looked like in white, I didn't get the picture before she folded it back up.
 This is block number goes in the center.  This is the sample block, lol, I haven't done mine yet!  HA!
After that we went to the PHXMQG meeting and heard what our new chairs have planned for the year.  Lots of awesome ideas and it was hard to pick what to join and what to pass on!  I signed up for a mug rug swap and for the Pile of Fabric Skillbuilder BOM (but I seriously don't think I will make all of those and I don't plan to make the quilt anyways..I may do some of them and turn it into other smaller projects, not sure yet).  More on the meeting later.  
Then after I got home, Barb came over and I finished up piecing my Streak of Sunshine quilt and then made another one that is very similar.  Barb worked on knitting up a hat that DJ had left on the peg thing since I didn't really know how to do it.  She also wound bobbins and we gabbed the night away.  It was fun!
 I am pretty sure the one with the cat will be for Sam and Tif's baby.  Though I had dinner with Tif and she told me they are thinking of decorating the nursery with that is okay I can make and gift them two!
 The one with the yellow will find its way to another little boy, not sure who yet. 
 Oh and I finally picked out the Schnibbles Summer Day quilt for my cousin Jamie's baby girl who is due soon.  Will get this in the mail this week.

 So today Kathy and I got up early and drove north to sew with BJ and Jacki.  Here is BJ with her first project of the day.  She also worked on her NYE Mystery and on Easy Street too, I think.  We turned Bonnie on QuiltCam and listened it too!

Kathy worked on putting together our Old Tobacco Road.  It is a bit of a bear because it goes together in rows not in blocks and she wasn't used to that, but with a little help from me and BJ here and there she got a good chunk of it done.

 Jacki was working on a game case for her grandson that was labor intensive and when she finished that she kept on with her Easy Street.  It is looking great!  She didn't get enough contrast in her four patches, but we decided it looks GREAT is almost like she tweaked the design a bit and hers is more unique!
 I cut and pieced my second braid in a day I will have a semi matching pair or couch quilts.  These protect the seats from dog hair--ie I wash them often and change them out just seconds before people come to my house :)  I didn't pay any attention to which direction the braids were going in this one as I did the first one (center one is different in the first one, this one the one on the right is) but it gives them personality I guess.

So after an all day sewing session, we went to my Mom and Dad's where we celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary with a pot of Boiled Dinner.   My sister and brother didn't come, but my brother's fiance and Kathy and I did and it was a nice night!
Tomorrow I am off work and I will be in my sewing room--but I am sleeping in first!  I plan to piece a back for the Gnome Braid in a Day above, Easy Street and Cheddar Bow Ties.  Also need to choose a pattern for my cousin Kai who just got married!


scraphappy said...

Wow, what a busy weekend. Enjoy your extra day. Always nice to enjoy a little extra machine time now and again.

scraphappy said...
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Teresa in Music City said...

Whew! I'm out of breath just reading your busy post!!! You're running circles around me girl :*) Wonderful BOM quilt - love that in black! I'd be doing that one too.