Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Mystery Quilt!

 Randy hung some stuff so Kathy and I could hang some blocks...we figure we will be adding to them and rearranging them, but on two walls way up high we can now hang our Rainbow BOM as we get them done! You can see Kathy decided to do a second one tonight because she really enjoyed making the first.  I can't believe how much she is getting into sewing...it is SO nice to have a permanent sewing buddy!
So back to our regularly scheduled mystery--EASY STREET!  Bonnie gave us the final clue today and I was working, then when I got home I had a headache so I went to bed for a bit...Randy made us a traditional new year's day dinner and it was delicious.  I ate, and went to sew.
I finished up clue 7 (yesterday's clue) in between trips to the bathroom.  TMI, I know.  I was determined to finish, but I do not feel good!  I am back in bed typing this now and then going to try to sleep it off!
I am loving that this is a different quilt with different colors.  Very young and hip looking to me!

Kathy finished the first two pages of clue 7 before closing up shop.  Her colors are going to look great too!  She is giving it to her sister Kelly and hubby.  Forest Jane over at Zazzle has put together our  button for the mystery.  It is tradition that I get a magnet and it high time for a new coffee cup so I need to get an order going!  Really love her stuff!

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