Thursday, January 24, 2013

Potpourri of Quilting!

Last night while talking on Skype to Barb and Fran they commented on my little flag quilt on the design wall. That led to a conversation about buying it with a kit and this "Jelly Stars" Bread and Butter pattern that I had given up on when I discovered we made a cutting error.  I decided to just piece the bits together so I could get it done and five stars later the little top is together  It still makes me smile.

 Tonight Kathy and I sewed our Kaleidoscope of Kolor center blocks for the 35th Ave. BOM.  Here she is with hers.
Prior to that Kathy and I finished putting together Old Tobacco Road--I can now say I have made ALL of Bonnie's mystery quilts (and more!).  Still need to trim it and make and add borders, but not bad!
Here I am with my K of Kolor block too!
I also did my Pile O' Fabric "Sound Waves" block....this is Alyssa's mock up above and mine below.  I was inspired by the colors in our Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild button which some of us copied into our name tags.  

 Here is my K of Kolor block again.
It was really nice being done with work by 2 pm today so I could get in a whole afternoon/evening of sewing!  Tomorrow I work all day but will be back at it tomorrow night and/or Saturday!


Deb said...

Beautiful blocks! I love your K of Kolor blocks. Very striking.
Quilts for all her mysteries... you are her #1 fan! Lovely quilt.

LightOfTheMoon said...

It is exciting to see other's Skillbuilder BOMs be pieced together. It's looking great!!!

Roslyn said...

The black background is really the way to go. I have to go buy my black this week & get my block done.
Are you doing the FG border on Old Tobacco road?