Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still Here

I know, I know I haven't posted in forever. Well I mostly haven't sewn anything in forever so since that is what I post about I haven't had must to say. I have done a little hand sewing on my hexie quilt and hand binding on another quilt but other than that seriously no sewing!
I went to quilt history class last month and we exchanged our blocks (all except two people who didn't have their done in time even with the one month postponement, need I say more) and I have been meaning to put them up on the wall and take photos to post so maybe this will motivate me to get to that! Ok it took a few days, but I took the photos. This first picture is my favorite block...I have to embroider the propellers on (the gal supplied us with the pattern but ran out of ooomph since she did so much detail on so many planes!) but love this block.

And here are all the blocks I have all together (minus the two I don't have yet). You may notice there is one block that is the same. Ya, that is because we had to keep it a secret which block we were doing and so me and one other gal did the same "broken sugar bowl" block although we used the colors in different placements. I have to say I am not crazy for the black that only one person added. It would be okay if more people had added it I guess, but only the one did so it seems out of place. Maybe I will use black in the sashing or cornerstones to bringing it together.

I am still at about 56 pounds weight loss. I have been hanging out around the same weight the last few weeks but haven't given up!
DJ and I went on a mountain hike to Usery Windcave on Sunday which is a moderate hike and was a bit of a challenge for us. I think it was just what I needed to remind me how far I have come and how far I still have to go. The hike up was gorgeous despite the rain and fog (and all the people coming down!) and the exertion I was feeling. I seriously wasn't sure I could make it up there about three fourths of the way up it seemed like the top was getting farther away (the snakiness of the path can be quite illisionary) and we were wet and cold and just wanted to sit down and eat our picnic by then!
We accidentally went past the cave and started around the was so foggy and we were a bit lost and confused and no one was up there to ask! Eventually we realized what we had done and turned around and went back. We had our picnic at the cave and took some pictures before heading back down.
The first third down was the worst. My left knee was killing me (hasn't been right ever since the car ride to Wisconsin last summer when I pinched a nerve or something) and the steepness of the descent was tough. DJ's hip and back were hurting her too. After awhile it wasn't quite as steep and it was better but we were in a hurry because we had to pick up CJ from his group and time was running out. In the end it all worked out fine. Next time we decided not to take on such a challenging hike but we both were glad we did it anyway. If there hadn't been the cave at the top to lure us we both might have turned around sooner. I hope I am about fifty pounds thinner the next time I hike that will be much, much easier!

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Roslyn said...

We have all missed you ANdee, glad you are back& still working on getting healthier.