Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heating Pad Covers--At Last!

Since my migraines were bad Friday and annoying again today I mostly took it easy today. Seriously. DJ and I did take Coleman to see Red Riding Hood which was decently good. So nice to get Coleman out of the house two days in a row...he is mostly addicted to video games and never wants to leave his bedroom. It was a really good Coleman weekend which was nice. So tonight DJ and I decided to whip up some heating pad covers. She has a bad back and uses her heating pad daily and has no cover for it. Mine is really old (and danguerous since it doesn't turn off automatically) and had a plain cover which I wound up using for a lining. You may recognize the inner blocks here...they are leftover Orange Crush blocks that needed a home! I had a hard time giving that quilt away so I am really tickled to have a few blocks on my bed anyway. I think I like the blue side better than the orange side, but overall just so happy to have a nice and quick cover. Not sure why it took me two years to get around to making that. DJ picked out her fabric from my stash and had a good time learning my craft! She did most of her own cutting and sewing, and after a few hours had a very cool cover!

Hers is also reversible and has a plain white lining. I had a heck of a time trying to remember how to lay all the layers so that it would all come out with the right side out and the lining on the inside. There was some ripping involved. It was expected. DJ watched what I was doing and then patiently waited for me to give up and explained to me how it was to go. Amazing, since seriously I just don't get stuff like that! I want the right sides together but not so much with this sort of thing. So it only took two tries and we were laughing instead of screaming so that was good!

Now we are both on the heating happy to have got some sewing in, things are looking up.

Oh next post I need to show you a picture of my new Chiuauaua!


Roslyn said...

Nice idea Andee, I have a heating pad needs a new cover! Maybe DJ's will inspire me.
Haven't begun on your tops yet, but they are next up beginning tomorrow!

scraphappy said...

What a great use for orphan blocks. Now you can remember long gone quilts every time you curl up with your heating pad.