Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RRCB Step Two is Done!

Last weekend DJ and I went camping to Tortilla Flats. We had a lot of fun, got in some quiet time (no cell phones work there!) and even managed to go hiking...it sort of offset the smores we made.
I also squeezed in some time to finish up Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll step two last week. I am so happy to have made some progress on this mystery. I was hoping to start step three but the camping made that difficult!

I love how the pinks and browns look together!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Ooooo.....to await the weather of Spring to get outside. I have no patience! Specially not when we get another 6 inches dumped on us overnight.

Yup yup....LOVE pinks and browns too! As for RRCB status----I'm still putzin along too; you're not alone! I do recall someone saying that "It'll be worth it!" when I wasn't sure if I should finish up my Double Delight quilt. So, same back at'cha :0) You KNOW a Bonnie quilt is so worth the time and patience!

Great progress.