Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Step Three...and Visiting Cave Creek

This evening I decided to try my first string block which is step three of Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I did alright--it uses phone book pages and at first I wasn't ironing and pulling as tight as I should have been, but I think I have the hang of it now. I think there are 29 more to go or something like that...haha. Hope to do some more tomorrow!
I threw all of the Designer Block of the Month blocks I have done (two left to cut and sew and two still haven't arrived) to sew how they look together. They really are very unique blocks!
Last weekend we stopped at the Goodwill and I was very excited to find a good size chunk of grey fabric adn some brand new quilting varigated thread! God some good deals there.

Last night we went to Cave Creek and met my mom and dad for dinner at the Horny Toad. Strawberry Shortcake. Need I say more. If you ever get to Cave Creek, go have some. WOW! CJ went with us and snapped this picture while we were waiting for them to arrive.

Today we met up with mom and and dad again as well as my Uncle Dan and his wife and two girls and one of their friends (in town from Wisconsin) for the Tempe Arts and Crafts Show. DJ and I bought this awesome little pot and African Violet. The pot is in two parts so that the water goes in the pot and the the plant is in in another pot which sits in the water. You don't water from the top at all and every few weeks you refill the bottom and put some plant food in there. I love African Violets for several reasons (my great grandfather used to have tons of them and my grandma Nan on the other side had one when she passed away that I tried to take some leaves from to root with no luck) and always have struggled with getting them to bloom and stay alive so I am hoping this pot is amazing! The gal has a website and if it is a great as it seems I will be getting some for gifts. Finally saw my sister again and got her speaking to me. If you follow the family saga, I put my foot down for the first time in my life and somehow it still wound up I had to apologize over and over and all it did was damage my relationship with my sister. Sigh. I guess the lesson is just to accept people for who they are and not try to demand things from them they can't give you. I am glad to have made up with her...we have never fought in our adult lives and I have to say it sucked. So life is a little more on track. Maybe.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Okay, first........awwwwwwwwww. I miss the sun and short sleeves! Soon, soon!!!!

2nd, yeah :0) Nice way to string-it-up! And just my $.02. I HAD used phonebook paper until someone gave me the idea of using the Book orders (those Scholastic ones). The difference was quite amazing; it tore much easier from the seams. And after 30 blocks with 10-12 seams'll be there soon! ;0)

Happy to hear that the family struggles are working themselves out and you're making the best of the situation. Conflict and turmoil is hard to deal with.

Roslyn said...

OMG Andee did you know that Perfect Quilter is one of THE most expensive quilting threads there is!